Author Topic: ECUtek at Couture Auto for 99-00 Impreza, Legacy B4 98-00  (Read 1589 times)

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ECUtek at Couture Auto for 99-00 Impreza, Legacy B4 98-00
« on: March 20, 2012, 10:28:14 AM »
We are having an introductory offer for ECUtek software / mapping for the following cars.

500 euro for the first 5 people.

Cheaper again if there are more than 5. To be one of the 5, a deposit will be required to secure your place.

This includes the ECUtek licence, dyno time and full aftercare support in Ireland for your car.
Please see from list below if it is available for your car. If you are unsure, please call us at 018253949. We will need to know what number is on your ECU.

Impreza Turbo - Right Hand Drive •Impreza GT - Left Hand Drive.
•Impreza WRX v5 & v6.
•Impreza STI v5 & v6 & P1.
•Impreza WRX & STI Types R and RA also supported.
•Forester Turbo S & STI.

 The list of supported ECU for Ecutek is shown below.
•UK Impreza WRX - ae800
•UK Impreza WRX - ae801
•UK Impreza WRX - ae802
•European Impreza WRX - ae780
•European Impreza WRX - ae781
•European Impreza WRX - ae782
•European Prodrive P1 - ag340
•Japanese Impreza STI5/6 - af040
•Japanese Impreza STI5/6 - af041
•Japanese Impreza WRX Type 5/6 RA - ae480
•Japanese Impreza WRX Type 5/6 RA - ae481
•Japanese Impreza WRX - ae490
•Japanese Impreza WRX - ae491
•Forrester Turbo - af040
•Forrester Turbo - af041
•Forrester Turbo - ag050
•Forrester Turbo - ag060
•Forrester Turbo - ae901
•Forrester Turbo STI - ag380
•Forrester Turbo - af260
•Forrester Turbo - af261
•Legacy Twin Turbo - ad981
•Legacy Twin Turbo - ad981
•Legacy Twin Turbo - ad983
•Legacy Twin Turbo - ad984
•Legacy Twin Turbo - ad985
•Legacy Twin Turbo - ag292
•Legacy Twin Turbo - ag302
•Legacy Twin Turbo - af181
•Legacy Twin Turbo - af330
•Legacy Twin Turbo - ad971


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